Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Girls

It was another great day at the beach. Mom went on an early morning walk again and found some great shells and more crabs to play with for the day.
This view never gets old!
 He loves to snorkel.
 I love watching him swim.  Goggle and Masks pictures are some of my favorites.
 Park made a friend with the sweet lady in the tent next to us.  She brought him drinks and snacks.  He just made himself at home in her tent.  I love that we see the same people each year, makes it even more fun!
 The boys have played with these girls since at least 2009.  Marissa, Kayla, Carly, and Kenzie are so sweet to them.
 Every year I say I wish they lived on our street at home!
Coop feels the same way.
Park has some of the best faces!
Surfer dude!
Just keep swimming.
Go Cooper!
This baby thinks he is a big deal.
You have to watch him or he will eat a shell or seaweed in a second.
Love his scrunched up nose face.
Coop has had the best time with Pop.

Sawyer's fan club.
Three of the girls are now in high school, so hard to believe.
Park kept saying I love the girls.
Getting buried.
Love Coop's face.

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