Friday, June 28, 2013

Mimi's Last Day

All week long we started the day at the pool and ate breakfast there.  It was nice to have the pool all to ourselves and eat outside.
He's a water baby for sure.
We played at the pool and had a few jumping contests.
Drama king.
Then we headed to the beach.  Sawyer fell asleep on Miss Diane's lap.
The ocean was perfect.  We stayed in there most of the time.
Playing in the water.
Love them!
Love this view.
He's crazy about his Daddy.
Park loves swimming.
Using Daddy as a diving board to jump off of in the water.
Parker's turn.
This boy is a beach boy!
My four beach babes.
They will always be beach babies to me.
Sawyer was done with pictures.
Over the past few years we have been at the beach the same time as Jackson.  The boys love playing with him and had a great time with him again this week.
It was another great beach week!

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