Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday: Our Favorite

Saturday we were ready to head to the beach!
Saturday is check out day which means the beach is usually empty.  We love it!
The boys were so happy to have Daddy there they just went from one thing to the next.  They played baseball, volleyball, built sand castles, played in the ocean.
Love the water.
Love his shadow.
He was busy again.
Love this big boy.
Hi big boy!
Nap time with Mimi.
In the water.
Ready to swim.

Baseball time.
Baylor has been working on his skim boarding.  Great Job BMan.
Go Coop!
Getting ready.
Great Job Baylor.
He loves his shark board.
Love watching them.
Go Coop!
He loved playing with this big ball in the sand.
He was so proud.
Love his smiles.
Mr. Big Deal.
Loaded down heading to the pool!

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