Thursday, June 13, 2013


Another beautiful day at the beach!
Just chilling!
The beach was combed so the sand was perfect.
Checking out the crabs for the day.
Pop is great at finding them.
Playing in the water.
Ready to dig.
Sawyer loved watching the crab come out of his shell and then pop back in.
Trying to get his hat off.
Love that grin.
He loves the sand.
The big shovel is hard to hold but it's his favorite.
Park by the shore.
Sweet boy.
Sweet smile.
Doing a little dance.
On the move.
The girls got the casting net out today and caught lots of little fish for the boys.  This has always been one of their favorite things!
They were so excited and talked about their fish all night.
Not afraid to pick them up and hold them.
Checking out what they caught.
Park was so excited!
He kept counting his fish and wanted to make sure he had more than Coop.  It's always a competition.
Here comes the net.
Lots of fish.

Park even helped.
These sweet girls are part of our summer fun and we have loved playing with them over the years!

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