Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day with My Big Boys

Tuesday morning Daddy was back at work and Park woke up grumpy.  He just wanted to stay inside and watch cartoons.  I think he was on beach overload, how is that possible.  Mimi stayed in with the little two boys and the big boys headed to the beach with Mommy.  It was a perfect ocean day.  We had fun playing in the water.
Love the clouds.
Love him.
Coop had the best time playing with two brothers, Joey and Danny.  They were there for two weeks and they played so well together.
Skimboarding.  At the beginning of last week Coop gave the brothers lessons and then they got their own boards.  They skimboarded together almost everyday.
Coop is a good little teacher and really good on the board.
Go Coop!  We headed in at lunch time and then we all went to the pool to swim.  Park was ready to swim and play after lunch!

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