Monday, April 16, 2012

Baylor and Maddy

 On Saturday our plans for the day quickly changed when we woke up to a rainy day.  Baylor had practice and a scrimmage and Cooper had soccer pictures and a game.  Baylor's game was cancelled early while Cooper's was down to the minute.  Jamie had asked if she could take Baylor with Maddy and Jack to the library.  He was so excited!  They are such great pals and have so much fun together.  He ended up eating lunch with her and playing at her house too.
They had a Where's Waldo competition at the library.
 Then they acted silly together at Subway.
 How cute are they?
 Baylor always loves to say he's none Maddy since he was a baby in the nursery.  He's very protective of her and makes sure she's okay at school.
 While I'm not for arranged marriage, how many great photos would we have for a wedding video!
They are so silly.
At Maddy's they played Just Dance on the Wii.  These videos were cracking us up!  Maddy is seriously good!
So thankful they are such great friends!

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Amy said...

That wedding video comment had me cracking up! Love the videos too!