Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cooper's First Soccer Game

On Saturday was Cooper's first soccer game.  Team Mustangs was red this week.  They played on two fields and played three on three so everyone gets more playing time.
He did a great job and ran the whole time!  He loved it.  
He even scored two goals and raised his arms up and cheered when he scored a goal.

Maddy had a game earlier too.  Maddy and Baylor played hide and go seek during the game.  They have so much fun together.

Go Cooper!
Coop and Drew taking a break on the sidelines.
I don't think we won, but they sure had fun.

Looking forward to watching our little soccer star more this season.
They are so cute at this age!  Mimi, Mammaw and Pappaw came to cheer him on and he was excited to see them there.  He is proud to finally be on a team and have people watch him.

Way to Go Mustangs!

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