Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Party at Conner Prairie

During preschool Mimi and Parker ran errands and then picked up Cooper and I to head to Conner Prairie for an Easter party.  When we first got there Miss Mary read the kids a story and they did a little poem and song with colored eggs.  
Then it was time to make their craft.  Parker was very busy with the glue.  He may have made a big mess:).
The bunny baskets were made out of milk jugs and turned out so cute.  They used them for the egg hunt.
Then it was time for some egg games.
The kids had an egg toss game, egg roll game, and had to carry an egg on a spoon.
They also sang and danced like bunnies.
Peter Cottontail came for a visit.
Parker liked icing his cookie for snack.

He wanted to visit the bunny one more time.
Then it was time for an egg hunt out on the prairie.
We love going to Conner Prairie!
What a fun party!

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