Thursday, April 26, 2012

Space Cooper

By Thursday I was feeling worn out and tired.  I decided we should spend the day at home.  It was warmer and the sun was out so we took advantage and played outside.  Cooper got himself dressed, space suit and Batman boots.  Great choice, Buddy.

We ate lunch outside on the deck.
We love to eat outside.
Later in the day he decided he needed to go on a super secret space spy mission.  Serious business I tell ya!
At preschool they are working on the end of the year graduation program.  They are singing God Bless the USA and he has been practicing hard at home.  He is so serious when he sings this song, I love it!
A few life lessons by Cooper.


Emily said...

Love, love, love the videos! How cute is he?!

Amy said...

LOVE Coop's videos. Ryker made me watch them a couple times each. :-)