Friday, April 13, 2012

Wool Wonders at Conner Prairie

After preschool we headed to Conner Prairie for Wool Wonders at Prairie Tykes.
This is always one of our favorites.
We started in the class with songs, book, little play, and a lamb craft.
They got to put real wool on their craft.
They also learned how to card the wool.
Then it was time to head out to the barn to watch them shear the sheep.
The barn is their favorite place.

We stopped at the loom house first to learn about making yarn and how the spinning wheel worked.
The barn was full of new life.  There were several baby lambs that were just born earlier in the week.  Some were only a day old.
Coop loved the baby lambs.  I think he may be a vet, he loves animals and has no fear.
The loved watching the sheep shearing.
This farmer is so good with the kids.
Parker liked when the sheep would "baaa".
All ready for the summer.
Reunited with her babies.
This little brown lamb was only a day old.
Coop was so sweet with him.
Mr. Blue Eyes loved the barn.
We love going to the Conner Prairie in the spring, so much fun!

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