Saturday, April 7, 2012

Preschool Egg Hunt

As soon as the soccer game was over we hurried to Cooper's preschool for the church's annual egg hunt.  We got there just in time, the kids were all lined up ready to start.  
The boys were excited and ready to start.
Coop and Park were in the same age group and Baylor was in the next group.
I took Baylor and he was on a mission.  He found so many eggs.
He was running all over.
His bucket was overflowing, he put extra eggs in his pocket.
Reaching up to get the high eggs.
Parker and Cooper were busy with Daddy.
Cooper found a special carrot prize egg.  He was so excited.
Parker could barely wait to open his eggs.
Then it was time to open their eggs.  They got lots of candy.
Cooper with his prize basket!
What a fun egg hunt!

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