Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egg Hunt at the Beck House

 The Beck boys hosted a fun Easter party on Thursday morning.  Miss Sarah had so many fun things for the kids to do.  Up first was a mini egg hunt inside.  Each child found one egg and then Miss Sarah did the ressurrection eggs with them.  The kids really listened well and enjoyed the activity.
 Then it was time for snack before the egg hunt to have extra energy.  The rice krispie treats were extra tasty with M&M's in them.
 Eli and Parker snacked together.
 All the kids ready to go!  It was a big boy group.

 Parker was ready to fill his basket.
 Go Eli!
 So many eggs.
 Coop is all the way back by the barn.  They live on a farm and I love all of the barns around their property, so pretty!
 Coop was hard at work!
 He filled his basket to the top.
 He even made room for more.

 He was so proud of his basket filled with eggs.
 Cute brothers.
 Then it was time to open the eggs.  He taste tested several pieces along the way:).
 Miss Kate.
Thanks to the Beck brothers for a great time!

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