Sunday, April 22, 2012

InstaFriday on Sunday

Tom was gone Monday night so we went to dinner with Mimi and to JoAnn Fabrics.  I needed material for a new bed skirt and the boys ended up with these great Power Ranger swords.  They are super in to Power Rangers right now, I find it strange!  However, Baxter is super in to Power Rangers too because he totally ate the yellow and blue sword.  He wasn't feeling the red one:).
I had Bible Study Tuesday night and this was Parker's face when he realized I wasn't home at bedtime.  Sad boy!  
He was really tired though and was out on the couch while Daddy put the other boys to bed.
On Wednesday Baxter got a hair cut, it was a little too short.
Power Ranger mornings.
Sunny and warm for soccer on Thursday.  Coop was pointing to an airplane in the sky that was drawing pictures.
On Friday Coop wore his new shoes to school.  They make him super fast!
On Saturday morning Parker helped Daddy make waffles.
A yummy breakfast before heading to the ball diamonds to freeze.
We love when Daddy makes breakfast.
Concession stand lunch at the game.
It was cold!
Mr. Blue Teeth.

Uncle Joe is home!
Playing angry birds.  He cracks me up.
life rearranged

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