Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jaxon's Egg Hunt

 Our next stop on Thursday was to church for Jaxon's egg hunt.  Miss Janice made adorable bunny sandwiches for the kids to eat for lunch.  She had "carrot juice" too.  
 Parker loved his bunny ham sandwich.
 Jaxon did a great job getting ready for his party.
 Jaxon and Miss Janice.
 All the kids ready to start the hunt, it was another big group of boys.
 An they are off.
 Parker was ready!
 He loved getting all the eggs off of the playground.
 After hunting there was time to play on the playground.
 It was a little chilly but the sun really helped.
 He was serious about opening his eggs.
Miss Elena helped open the eggs.
Thanks Jaxon, what a great day!

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