Sunday, April 15, 2012

InstaFriday on Sunday

I've missed InstaFriday the past two weeks so here are some pictures. Most of these are from instagram, I love this app.  You can follow me @jessieannhurst.
1. Suckers in the car bring big smiles,
2. Oh how I love pedicures, a little relaxation.
3. His breakfast routine.
4. When I got home from Spring Break I had two books waiting for me.  This book is beautiful and the pictures are amazing.  I have read this blog for a while and love her writing.  Her book is now #11 on the New York Times Bestseller list.  Check out her blog, Enjoying the Small Things.
5. Parker was excited to bring Easter presents to his teachers at preschool.
6. Another new book that is amazing.  This is the first blog I ever started reading, such an amazing story.  Her book is #14 on the New York Times list, check her out here, Nienie.
7. It was my turn to bring food to Bible study and I picked up Jockamo's Pizza.  I love the Maui.
8.Cooper's first soccer game.
9. Playing outside wear him out.
10.  Baylor getting some love before he leaves for school.
11. Reunited after school on the same day.  Bax is always so happy when the bus stops at our house, his tail goes crazy.
12.  Parker is my little helper.
13. My favorite snack!
14. Coop helping Daddy wash his car.
15.  It was dress like your teacher day at school and Baylor wore by old staff shirt.  It fit him really well.
16. Coop has decided he likes to sit in the basket of Parker's stroller.
17. Parker likes to play peek a boo with the shade on his stroller.
18. Doing his homework after soccer practice.  He is so good at writing his name now.
20. Jamie stopped to school at lunch and found these two eating by each other, such great pals.
21.  Baxter was playing with this dead squirrel, talk about gross.  Tom's dad took care of the squirrel and said it had been dead for some time, so thinking Bax found it in the woods.
22. Ready for a soccer game and pictures.  Game was cancelled because of rain, but pictures were a go.

life rearranged

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