Saturday, April 28, 2012

Date Night with Daddy

Our Saturday plans once again did not go as planned because of the weather.  We woke to stormy weather which ended up cancelling all games for the day.  It was kind of a blessing because I woke up in the night on Friday with an ear ache and terrible head cold.  I ended up going to the Minute Clinic and got medicine and slept most of the afternoon.  I just felt awful.  Daddy was so good to keep the boys occupied and busy for the day.

By the evening they were all ready for a change of scenery.  Daddy took the big boys to go see The Pirates Band of Misfits and Mimi and Pop watched Parker for the evening.  I spend the evening at home on the couch with Baxter.  It was so nice and quiet.
The boys thought the movie was really funny and had fun spending time with their Daddy.  Parker loved playing with Mimi and Pop.  They even brought me home a milkshake which was a nice surprise.

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