Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning

The boys were up early on Easter morning to find their baskets from the bunny.  Our church had three services and we went to the 9:00 service, but we had to be there early to get ready for Joy Jammers.
Each boy had a different room to find their surprises.
Cooper and his basket.
Baylor and his basket.
Parker was saying, "Too Heavy".  He put his Mickey slippers on right away!
The baskets were from the bunny and then a few other surprises were from Mommy and Daddy.  Cooper got a new scooter.  He was excited.
Baylor got a POGO stick, watch out!
Three little baskets in a row. 
It was chilly in the morning, but that didn't stop him from wanting to give his new scooter a spin.
Baylor went out too.
Boys in action.
Parker got a new scooter too, he couldn't wait.
They were all happy!
The bunny knows we are on sugar reduction and they only got one little egg of M&M's.  He wanted to eat them for breakfast.

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