Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Lunch and Egg Hunt

Every year our family always goes to the Kopper Kettle for Easter.  It's a great tradition and I look forward to it each year.  It was decorated so cute and of course, the bunny was there.  They had hidden eggs around the garden area for the kids to find.
Mama and her girls.
Mama and Papa.
Baylor and the bunny.
The boys wanted to sit by Sarah, they sure do love her.
Andy and Colleen.
Mimi and Pop.
Mama and Coop.
Parker and the bunny.  He was happy to find out the eggs were filled with candy.

Drake, Katie, and Adam.
Katie and Sarah with Park and Drake.
The prize table.
Coop loves playing with Drake.  It was hard to wait for the big egg hunt to start.
All lined up and ready to go!
And they are off!
Park found his first few eggs and then it was play time at Mimi's house.
 Pop helped Cooper.  Everyone had to find 12 money eggs and then 6 prize eggs.
 Drake taking a ride during the hunt.
Chris helped Ethan find his eggs.

 Ethan and his basket.
 Jen and Gabrielle.
 Since the big kids were counting their money inside we kept Parker and Ethan outside to count.  It's too hard not to be tempted to mess up those neat piles of change.  Each egg is filled with at least 75 cents and then they can turn in their change to Papa for dollar bills. Parker found a hard boiled egg too which was worth $5.00 making his total $12.00.
 He was happy with his Fannie Mae chocolate bunny from Mama and Papa.
 Time for the prize table, oh the choices!
 Mama and Baylor.
It was a great Easter day.  I am so thankful for Easter and all that it mean!

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