Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All In A Day

Once again we stayed home today because of the chilly weather. Baylor was able to go to preschool and he really enjoyed time with his friends. After lunch we started our exciting activities! Oh yeah! Both boys love the Elvis ornaments in Tom's study. Baylor had them all going at once and both boys were dancing. Cooper enjoyed hanging out in the rocker while Baylor tried to sing like Elivs. His impression is so funny. We then had game time, Hi Ho Cherry O and Chutes and Ladders. Let's just say this was a little frustrating for Coop but we were able to finish both games. Baylor then started on some Valentine crafts while Cooper colored. They both colored for quite a long time. Baylor really is doing a great job coloring lately and is very worried about staying in the lines.

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