Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crib Reenactment

Cooper laying in his bed wearing the same jammies from the time of the incident.
I want out!

Must have been what he was doing, crying and working on getting out. I hear a loud thump and run down the hall. This all happens within five minutes of shutting the door and walking to my bed.

Luckily his door was shut. I open the door and find him...

On the floor, crying. He must have climbed out of the side of the bed because of where he was when I ran in. So he went with me to bed and after fighting it out for another twenty minutes we were both asleep. Now what to do. He climbed out the side so we can't turn the bed around. I took off the bumper but he has really perfected the leg lift. The climber in him is going to cause some problems. His brother never attempted to get out of his bed.

Time: 12:45 A.M.

Setting: Cooper's Room
Background: I had been trying to get Cooper to go to sleep for 2 hours. I knew we were going to have trouble when he fell asleep in the car on the way home from dinner and had himself a little cat nap. Just enough to make him feel wide awake. On the third attempt I put him in his bed and shut the door, deciding I was going to let him cry it out.

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