Monday, January 26, 2009

MoJo Madness

Tonight we had a special friend come for a sleepover. Tom talked me into having MoJo spend the night. Baylor was so excited when he found out and could not wait to play with the dog. I was a little apprehensive to have the dog come over but after visiting at the office I knew the boys would love it and I could handle MoJo for one night. The boys loved playing with him but it definitely reaffirmed that we are not ready for a puppy at the Hurst house. Cooper dumped out his bowl of water and MoJo found a dee dee on the floor and started to chew it in his mouth. That dee made it right into the trash. Baylor said her name nine million times and would not leave her alone. Cooper wanted to play with her but did not understand the object of fetch. He would scream and cry when the dog ran off with the ball or toy that Cooper threw for him. Tom even said we are not ready quite yet. While we love MoJo a visit is much more our speed at this time in our lives. She is super cute and is definitely tired out after a night with the Hurst boys.

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