Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bible Study Fun

Tonight at Bible Study the kids had a great time dressing up in Maddy and Drew's costumes. Baylor loves Maddy and was excited to wear some of her dress up clothes. He started out in Bullseye and Buzz, but then broke out the girl clothes. They really got into the costumes and had so much fun. Baylor had on dance costumes, high heels, and a tiara. It was so funny. Bible Study is bringing out his feminine side. We feel so blessed to have such great friends in this group and we love getting together. Baylor loves playing with Maddy and Drew, how nice to have friends they can grow up with over the years.

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megan elizabeth said...

This looks like alot of fun. Baylor is getting so big! I am very excited to see you soon. Love you!