Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everyone Needs Some MoJo

After Mops we were on flooring detail at our house. First we got one more estimate for our floor at home and then headed to Tom's new office to look at carpet. Baylor was excited to play in the big office. With no furniture the space is enormous and great to run around in when it is cold. Then we went to Tom's current office for lunch and were greeted by Mojo. She is a Yorkie and is quite adorable. She is also one of the catalysts to the whole puppy debate. Once Tony started bringing her to work everyday Tom wanted one of his own. Maybe we could just have Baylor visit Mojo once a week and call it his dog on loan. She is pretty cute though.

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megan elizabeth said...

Jessie-I'm waiting for the day you give in. It's not so bad having a dog... :) missing you and love you!