Thursday, January 15, 2009


Mom why are we never leaving the house.

If only I could get out of here.

Snow time.
This sure is fun.
I love snow.

Hi Mr. Bird.

Our items for the scavenger hunt.

Baylor did a great job finding every item.

Since it is freezing we had another home day. The morning started with a bird peeking at our window and tapping on the house. It woke Cooper and I up and he was wondering what the noise was and where it was coming from. He hurried to the window and was quite occupied watching the birds in the tree eating the berries. He kept waving to them but he was hitting the window with each movement and scaring the birds away. It was so funny. Today we had a scavenger hunt downstairs. We picked ten items each time and took turns hiding them. Baylor actually found some really hard places to hide the treasures. He was so funny trying to show me where they all were instead of letting me find them on my own. After lunch we had another indoor snow day and played for quite a long time. Baylor made mini snow balls and several pies and cakes again out of the snow. Cooper loved stirring and eating the snow. Hopefully it was all clean. They both had a great time and enjoyed the warmer temps inside the house instead of freezing out in the snow.

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Tami said...

Hi Jessie! Looks like you had a fun indoor day...what a good idea to bring the snow inside instead of freezing outside! Nope, no baby yet. Still waiting. Loved looking at Joe's girlfriend's Disney blog. How fun is that?! Especially considering the current weather. :) Hope you have a great day!