Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow Days

We're going on a sleigh ride.
The kids worked together to make this fluffy snowman.

Look Daddy we are playing with a doll house.

Parachutes are so fun.

Snow time.

How much can I fit in this cup?

Cooper was working in the garden.

Here I come.

Dancing with Frosty (Mr. Jim).

"Can we go real ice skating?"

After preschool we went to Conner Prairie with Mimi for a class called Snow Days. What fun. The class was small today and all the kids were able to play the games over and over. They made crafts, built a snowman, danced with Frosty, played with Styrofoam snowballs on a parachute, and played several snowman games. The kids even got to skate around the room using paper plates. It was so fun. The teachers pulled them around the class on wooden sleds and then we were able to sit in a real sleigh before leaving. It was a fun snowy day and was my favorite kinds of snow, pretend. Cooper had fun playing in the Discovery Station with Mimi while we were in class. Mimi said he was very busy checking everything out.

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Jennifer said...

Hello! We're so glad you guys enjoyed the Snow Days Prairie Tykes session at Conner Prairie! It looks like everyone had a great time playing in the "snow" while also getting to stay's the perfect combination! You can check out some of our photos on Flickr: Don't miss the next Prairie Tykes session on January 23. It's all about clay and the kids even get to make a coil pot!

Jenny Messmer
Conner Prairie Marketing Department