Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Much Fun

Mom this is great!

Hurray for snow!
We have lots of snow cooking to do.

Aunt Von and Andy are helping the boys make snow ice cream. Snow, milk, vanilla, and sugar, yum!
This is a big job!

Dressed for the weather.

This sure is cold.
Cooper was picking up pieces that fell to the ground to sneak a bite.

Morning play time in the snow.

Baylor has been so excited to play in the snow. He thought today was the perfect today except I was worried about taking Cooper out in the freezing cold and making him sit while Baylor had fun. When I was teaching school I would also bring snow in the classroom for a center when we were studying winter and the kids loved it. Well Baylor loved it too. Talk about great free entertainment. This morning I braved the back porch with two tubs and a large spoon and brought in treasure. Baylor played for close to two hours until the plumber came. Then he had to assist and take on the role of Handy Manny or Bob the Builder. After lunch the boys played again for over an hour and had a great time. Baylor made snow pies, ice cream sandwiches, snow waffles, etc. Cooper loved playing in the snow and mixing with the big spoon. They both sampled several tastes and really had a great time. Aunt Von and Andy came over towards the end and made snow ice cream with the boys. Baylor added chocolate sauce and thought it was quite delicious. I actually think they had more fun inside because they were able to play for a much longer time. I really was snow much fun!!!!

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