Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Tricks

Cooper is past the 15 months mark and is becoming very independent and opinionated along the way. He can get past any blockade and will suffer bodily harm to get to a crayon that is in a plastic tub. He is crazy for coloring. The only problem is we have not established that you only color on paper. The crayons have been put in the closet to help with this problem. Cooper is great at peek a boo and patty cake. He likes to point at pictures in books and is great at lift the flap books. Maybe a little too great hence the reason most of the flaps are now missing. Talk about frustrating for Baylor. He has started making car noises when playing with trucks, cars, and trains. He also likes to hold a sword and make a swooshing noise. This really is funny. I know he has been watching his brother during his many dress up escapades. He truly is a climber and has great balance. He can stand on anything and hardly ever falls. His vocabulary is coming along and he is doing better with new words. Baylor was such a talker and still is which may be part of the reason Cooper has been taking his time. Here are his words. You may not be able to understand them all, but we do especially when he repeats them over and over until you follow through with his request.
Mama, Mom
Dada, Dad
Ma (This is his word for any adult in the family that he loves and wants to go to)
Bear (Baylor)

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megan elizabeth said...

Jessie, I can't believe he is growing up so fast! Hard to believe. It was so great to talk to you today! Good luck with the newsteam tomorrow.