Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hotel For Dogs

Baylor has been awaiting the release of Hotel for Dogs. He has accumulated several little dogs in his Happy Meals and has quite a collections of stuffed puppies. This week he used his new tunnel from Mimi to make his own version of Hotel for Dogs. When he spent the night with Mimi and Pop he had food bowls and water in the different sections and had all his dogs lined up. This week he has been taking care of his dogs and teaching them tricks. Funny to watch him work with a stuffed dog. Daddy took him to the movie and they both enjoyed the film. Baylor thought it was great that the dog he got at McDonald's today was named after his brother, sorry Cooper. The movie made both boys itch even more for a new friend at our house. I am still not feeling the call of a dog. The stuffed ones are just fine with me.

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