Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Build A Bear

This ride is so much fun!
My new puppy is going to be friends with Biscuit and Bolt. Oh yeah!

Today we went to Build A Bear so Baylor could spend some of his gift card money from Build A Bear. He received several for Christmas from Mama, Megan, Uncle Mike, and Miss Gigi. He was excited to spend his "credit cards". He decided to get another puppy. We are getting quite a collection of stuffed dogs at our house. That is fine with me as long as they are stuffed and not real. I can handle lots of stuffed dogs, but not one real one. I know Tom wishes this was not the case. At the mall, the boys rode the rides and Cooper had a great time. He was giggling and laughing the entire time. I know he thinks he spent lots of time watching Baylor and now it is his turn. I think he thought he had hit the jackpot. I think it will be harder to stay away from the rides with two eager riders.

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