Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In

Baylor is painting an Easter Crocodile. Not sure what this is but that is what he said.
Cooper loved coloring on the big paper. Notice the dee dee within reach on the paper just in case.

Cooper tried to help Baylor with his valentines but I think he caused some distractions. It took a long time to write his name on 24 cards for his classmates. Then then taped then to boxes of candy. We are ready for the school party.
After dinner we made Valentine cookies. We all love these "homemade" treats!

Wow, the weatherman was right this time about the snowfall this time. The boys and I were snowed in all day. We were busy all day long but it seemed like a very long day. I can't believe it is only 9:00, it feels much later. Today was going to be the day to finally get our new floor in the kitchen and laundry room. We had moved everything out of the kitchen last night to prepare, kitchen table, hutch, cleaned bathroom closet, and pantry. Then when the snow came the floor plans were cancelled. Well this made for an interesting day with everything in such disarray downstairs. I brought in the little table and we had fun sitting in the little chairs. We made crafts, colored, did valentines, painted, made cookies, played, read books, and worked on school work. It was a very busy day. We are hoping that the flooring people come tomorrow and I will finally be able to do laundry again. I know our laundry fairy, Mimi, will be glad when her extra duties are no longer needed. We love you Mimi!

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