Saturday, January 10, 2009


Oh No!

Baylor was hard at work.

We have a problem.

This past week we have had a whirlwind of home repairs and it truly has been one thing after another. Tom says he feels like it is a nightmare with no end in sight. So here is where we have been and how it has panned out. We still don't know the extent of the work we are going to encounter. First our washing machine sounds like it is going to take off and starts knocking things off the pantry shelf. We had already had it repaired two weeks ago so we knew it was done. We purchase a new washer and dryer that is stackable to make more room in our mini laundry room, but need to take the overhead cabinet down which has wallpaper behind it. Now we have a new paint job on our hands. When our washer is delivered the men have a hard time getting the old out and the door are scratched really bad. This is minor in the whole scheme. Then the man says we have low water pressure and that the cold water is not working at all. The washer keeps saying there is an error and we think our well may need work. We call a well man out who charges $125 to tell us it looks great but that we have a leak and need a plumber. The plumber comes and fixes the cold water and then looks at the pressure in our kitchen sink. While under the sink he discovers a large leak that has caused issues under the sink. The water now works but the washer shakes and sounds like it may once again take flight. Call delivery men to come and check it out and they say it looks great but that our floor is not level and may have water damage under it and we need to reinforce the sub floor. Have a flooring man come out and give price and Tom tears out old floor today. While doing this we discover the whole sub floor is wet and there is MOLD. Are you kidding. Now a mold man (for lack of a better word) is coming on Monday to check the whole house and get rid of it before we can have the new floor put in. This afternoon Pappaw came over to help install our new dishwasher because our old one was not working. However we did not know the extent of the problem until we took out the old one. It had been leaking underneath and the floor was wet. Luckily Pappaw knew what to do and they were able to get the job done. So here we are hoping that the mold is contained and the new floor will be the end of our home repair simple washer project. What started out as one problem has really turned into a NIGHTMARE!

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Mis said...

Oh my gosh! That is terrible! Good luck!