Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tunnel Time

I fit perfect in here.

Where's Coop?

Mom, I think you are too big to be in the tunnel.

I'm making pancakes in here.

I am such a big boy!

After being evicted from our house this morning we headed over to Mimi's house to hang out and wait out the six hour quarantine while the mold man did his magic in the laundry room. He said it would take him two hours and then we needed to be out for six. He also painted the laundry room, an added bonus for Tom since he is short on extra time at the moment. At Mimi's she gave the boys a super fun tunnel that they had a great time playing with. Baylor was playing kitchen and making pancakes in the middle tunnel and had a lemonade stand. His imagination just goes wild. Cooper loved rolling balls in the tunnel and playing peek a boo. What a fun treat on a cold day. Mimi also got out crafts left over from my school days in our Feb. folder. Cooper even sat in the high chair and colored. He is really enjoying crayons these days and likes to have the whole box. You have to watch him or he will take a big bite out of a crayon. Baylor especially liked the roll of tape to use during craft time. Thanks Mimi for making your house such a fun place. We love you so!

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