Friday, January 2, 2009

We Love Uncle Joe

Mimi helped Baylor color.

Baylor hid in the top bunk among his cuddlies.

What a fun time.

I can hardly believe Christmas break is almost over and Joe goes back for his final college semester on Sunday. We all love having him home and the boys have so much fun with him. His last semester is going to be very busy with auditions for grad school so he will not be able to come home as often. Oh how sad we are going to be without him. Tonight we went to Buca for a dinner with the family before he goes back. Everyone loved their dinner and we had a great time. Afterwards everyone came over to play. Pop and Uncle Joe set up Baylor's Diego track and Mimi played hide and go seek with Baylor. He found some good hiding spots. The boys love Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe.

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