Friday, January 16, 2009

Cooking with Coop 101

Mom I am making you some hot tea.
Always remember to use a hand mitt and blow on your food before eating.

Remember to be resourceful in the kitchen. A plastic tub may serve many purposes, such as a step stool to get behind the table barricade and into my brother's desk.

The microwave is my favorite kitchen aid.
Always sample your cooking before sharing.

What's for dinner, how about fish.

My pooh car is a great step stool to accommodate those hard to reach places.
Truly I am not a cook and do not proclaim to be good at any one dish. I have tried a few but I just don't have the gift. I guess it is one of those things were practice makes perfect and I simply have not had enough practice. The problem stems for the fact that I really have no desire to cook and do not enjoy it all. Too much mess and too much time for such a short time eating. Well I am trying to make sure my boys end up with some cooking knowledge and they both enjoy working in the kitchen. Cooper has really been busy in the kitchen the past few days and is really enjoying pretending to eat food. He even feeds the stuffed animals and toys in the game room. So cute. He would like to be able to sit on top of the kitchen but for now he has not been able to get his whole body on top.

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