Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3, 2, 1

The recliner is a great launch pad. He sure knows how to pack a shuttle, makes me think of the show hoarders.

He has such a great imagination.

Two cute space travelers.

He's the commander and he sure does know how to boss his assistant around.

After all this space travel we were worn out so we had movie night with popcorn. We watched

Chicken Little which has a great combo of aliens and baseball fun.

Parker was worn out just hearing about all this space travel. Happy 19 weeks sweet baby boy.
I was looking through Baylor and Cooper's baby books and at their 4 month doctor stats. At Baylor's 4 month appointment he weighed 19.2 and was 27 in. Cooper at his 4 month appointment weighed 19 and was 27 in. Parker weighed 19.4 and was 26 1/2 in. It is so amazing that they are all so close!

We have been on several space missions in the past few days. Who knew a shopping cart could easily be turned into a space shuttle the zooms up and down the hallway. The boys are space rangers and love to countdown and take off. They have been having so much fun. Cooper pushes his stroller which may be a mini shuttle. They are so funny!

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