Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rainy Day

He loves popcorn!
Mimi bought the boys Dragon shirts to wear when we saw the movie.

Stuffing his dragon.
Giving him a squeeze.
King Baylor!
Playing with their dragons.
Shells and Greek Salad, yummy.
This happy baby is proud of himself because he rolled over again.
He wore himself out.
Baylor woke up this morning and looked out the window and said, "today is the day". He has been waiting for a rainy day so we could go see "How to Train Your Dragon". The movie was in 3D and was really cute. The boys loved it and sat through the entire movie. Parker slept for the first part and then had a little snack and slept on my lap for the rest of the movie. He was such a happy baby today. After the movie we walked around the mall and shopped for a bit. We ended the day at Build a Bear and the boys both got a dragon. They were so happy and love their dragons. When we got home everyone was tired and they took great naps. It was still rain really hard so we decided to have Demetrio's delivered and stay in tonight. They are having fun playing with their dragons! The weather says rain tomorrow too so we may have to find another rainy day activity.

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