Sunday, April 4, 2010

Family Easter Party

How many bunnies?
Sarah and Baylor

Daddy and Coop
Parker slept all during lunch but the bunny still hopped by to say HI!
What a great day.
Running to find eggs.
Katie and Parker.
Baylor found the Golden Egg and won $5.

Getting ready.
The prize table.
Jen and Mr. Ethan.
Two Easter blessings.
They were holding hands.
Baylor gave us a Thank you card for such a great Happy Easter Day. He really is a sweet sweet boy!

We went to Kopper Kettle for lunch and had such a delicious meal. It was a beautiful day and so pretty in the gardens and all decorated for Easter. I can't remember an Easter where we didn't have lunch with our whole family here. What a special day! After a tasty meal we headed to Mimi's house for the annual egg hunt. Pop thinks 30 is too old to hunt eggs, but we all still enjoy the fun! We were able to hide the eggs in the entire yard and it was so much fun. Daddy helped Cooper, Mimi helped Baylor, and I found Parker's and my eggs. We had to find 12 money eggs and 6 prize eggs. There was a great prize table with so many great items. The boys were so excited! We all had so much fun and enjoyed our time together.

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