Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter at Mimi's House

Happy Easter!
They are showing off their big muscles.
A cute little bunny!
I am so blessed with my three sweet boys.
He was happy with his basket.
He needed those muscles to lift his basket.
Mimi and Parker.
He's a big candy lover.
Grandpa and Parker.
Pop, Grandpa and the boys.

After church we went to Mimi and Pop's house to see what the "bunny" brought for all of us there. The boys each got a basket and four presents. Tom and I got a basket and some presents too! Cooper was quite happy with the "cocklate" in his basket and did not want to let go of his chocolate rabbit. The boys got stuff to work in the garden, playdoh, and craft kits. They were so happy with everything. Parker got some new toys, cups, and an outfit. I was super happy with my Fannie May candy and a cute shirt and necklace. Tom got Cadbury eggs, which are his favorite, and two new shirts. We were really spoiled by the "bunny" at Mimi's house! We were able to play with the new surprises before going to lunch with everyone. Grandpa Shadday came over to ride with us to lunch and we were able to visit with him which was so nice.

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