Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Day

For our last dinner we went back to Demetrio's. We all love it!
He love it too. Look at his messy face.

Cannon Ball.
My goggle boys.
We had so much fun with Miss Barbara's grand kids this week. Cooper loved the "grils".
Parker Man at the pool.
They were making me pancakes, yummy.
Having fun.
Sitting in the shade for a little break.
Thankfully we were able to spend the entire day out in the sun since we had a direct flight in the evening. Mimi went on a walk in the morning and then spent some time at the beach. When she came in she stayed with Mr. Parker and I took Baylor and Cooper to the beach to play. They were so cute waving to the ocean before we packed up. They had such a great time and love to play in the sand and by the water. We all went to the pool and ate lunch. Parker took a long nap in the shade and relaxed in his stroller. We stayed out until 4 and then had a little over an hour to finish packing up and get ready for our taxi. Baylor asked why he couldn't take a nap, you know he was tired. Before leaving I walked down to the beach for one last glimpse and to smell the ocean air. I always get teary eyed when I leave the beach! The flight went great and the boys did awesome. Coop fell asleep eating his dinner on the plane and slept the rest of the way. Baylor colored the whole time with Mimi and was quite tired too. Parker slept for a little over an hour and then played on my lap. What a great trip! We had a great time.

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