Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baylor's First Baseball Game

Go Dodgers!
After the game.
Go #3!
Go Tom.
Running to first.
In the dug out.
Hitting the ball.
Waiting for his turn to bat.
Cooper loved seeing his brother.

Eli is such a doll.
Eli and Coop did a little exploring.
Cooper and Katie.

After getting home late the night before Baylor had to wake up early for pictures and his first baseball game of the season. He actually missed opening day because of vacation but he was excited and a little nervous for Saturday. The weather forecast did not look good but it ended up being great weather for the game. Pop watched Parker and Cooper and I went to cheer on #3. Daddy helped during the game and Baylor was so cute. He did great hitting the ball and got a single and a double. He loved waving to us and liked to know we were watching him. Coop on the other hand was more interested in playing in the rocks and wanted to know when his game started. Carl and Eli and Aunt Anne and Katie came to watch the Dodgers too. All the kids did great and Baylor had fun playing his first of many games!

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The Gambrel Family said...

Go Baylor!! I love the baseball pics-what great memories!!