Monday, April 12, 2010

First Full Day

Cooper is quite the water baby!
He loves to play in the water with Daddy!
Snoozing in the warm weather.
He loves his Daddy.
He loves to dunk his head.
The water is still chilly!!!!
Great Job B-Man!
A little digger.
Parker's first time at the beach.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous here today and was a perfect beach day. This morning Daddy took Baylor and Cooper to the beach first and then Parker and I met them. I must say it is a little more difficult with three but we did good for our first beach day. Parker sat in his beach stroller and sat under the umbrella on my lap. The boys played in the sand and worked on some castles. Cooper kept smashing Baylor's castles which caused a few little problems. When the boys were ready for the pool Daddy took them to swim until 1:30 pm. Parker and I stayed at the beach with Mimi and I and took a little nap. Daddy had to leave after lunch for a meeting in Orlando and dinner in Tampa. We went for dinner at Demetrio's again and the boys ate great! Our first day was lots of fun and we are so happy to be back at the beach!


d_freestone said...

YEA Demetrio's!!!! The boys look GREAT! Parker's smile and bright eyes are brightening up the pages!! I am so glad that you are down in our neck of the woods... ENJOY!!!!!!

The Gambrel Family said...

Oh my gosh Cooper is so brave! They are definitely water babies! Baylor is doing such a great job at swimming and of course Parker is just a doll!

Have a great time!!