Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy 15 Weeks Parker

In the past week you have really found your thumb. You may be our only thumb sucker.
How sweet is that!
Next week you will be at the beach and I think you have the perfect beach body!
You are loving toys.
Sleeping away.
The scale is getting harder because you are getting bigger but I think you may be close to 19 pounds. You were really bouncing so it may be off a little.

Parker you are 15 weeks old today. What a busy week you have had with all the Easter activities. You have spent more time outside in the fresh air. You love to look around and spend time outside! You are talking and cooing all the time. We get lots of smiles these days and I love them all. You are also quite ticklish and I love your little laugh. You are starting to hold toys in your hands and they all end up in your mouth. You like your play mat and roll to your side and kick your legs like crazy. You are wearing size 3 diapers now and they fit so much better. You sure do have chubby little legs and arms. They are so cute! Parker we love you so!

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