Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back in Business

Don't they look happy!
Riding together.
Looking Good!
Parker went with me to Bible study to learn about Psalms. He is going to share all he learned with his brothers!
Baylor has been in love with his John Deere tractor since he got it from Mimi and Pop for his second birthday. He was an instant driving master and rode that tractor for what seemed like hours. When he mastered potty training Mimi and Pop bought him the Gator and he has loved it too. They are one of our favorite outdoor toys. Well early last summer the tractor quit working and the Gator would only go forward. Let's just say Baylor was very sad. Good ole Mimi, Baylor's name for his pal, promised that she would get them fixed first thing this spring. Well you know Mimi she would never let down her pal and she got them both fixed and picked them up today. When Baylor say them at home he was giddy and giggling with excitement. He couldn't wait to get on them. I must say they are like brand new and have quit the pick up to them. It is sad to think how big Baylor looks on the tractor and how little he looked when he first got it for his birthday. Cooper is quite happy too and either rides with Baylor in the Gator or takes them on a crash course. He really needs some driving lessons! Tonight the boys played outside with Daddy until dark and rode all over the yard. I know they are going to have many fun times this summer on the John Deere ride ons.

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