Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy 4 Months Parker!

Since we were on vacation for your actual 4 month birthday I took your picture two days later.
You worked hard to grab your sign.
You are getting long!
Hi sweet baby boy!
I love your smile.
Happy 4 Months Parker.
You always wake up so happy. This is you in the morning on your four month birthday.
Parker Thomas you are four months old. I seriously feel like you just turned three months old yesterday. You have had quite a busy month. You went on your first airplane ride and on your first vacation. Although you didn't spend much time at the beach, I know you will love it too. You celebrated Easter and several special parties. You are quite the little party goer and are such a great boy. Parker you are a very happy baby. You smile all the time and love when we talk to you and play with you. You are loving your toys and are doing great picking them up and putting them in your mouth. Parker you are still sucking your thumb, and it is so sweet. This week you rolled over for the first time and are now a pro. You roll over almost as soon as we put you on your back. This is making night time even more difficult. When you roll over you get mad at night and wake up. I am hoping we get this all figured out so we sleep longer than an hour at a time again. You want to sit up so bad and try so hard. You are always trying to lift up your head in your bouncy seat and sit up. You are wearing size 3 diapers and I can't wait for you to go to the doctor on Monday for a weight and height check. After two weeks without being weighed I am excited to see how much you have gained. You are wearing a wide variety of clothes that range from 6 months - 18 months. I love all your rolls! You are just perfect. You now have an exersaucer and a jumper too so you are going to be going to town. Parker we are so proud of you and love you so! I love watching you grow and am so happy to be your Mommy!

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