Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bunny Prep

Getting it in the right spot for the bunny.
Leaving the bunny his veggies at Mimi's house.
He made some really pretty colors.
We are so lucky to have Mimi! The boys love her so much and enjoy spending time with her and Pop.
We had to scrub those fingers to get all the pick off.
So pretty!
Daddy had tickets for the Final Four game to cheer on the Butler Bulldogs so the boys and I went to Mimi and Pop's house for the evening. Poppy grilled chicken and we had a tasty dinner. We dyed eggs one more time! I think that makes a total of four times this season, we were very busy egg designers and the boys have colored nails to prove it. We also made some cookies with Mimi. The boys helped Mimi get a basket together for Miss Brenda and then we delivered it to her to spread some Easter cheer. The boys both wore bunny ears and hopped to her front door singing Here Comes Peter Cottontail. I love hearing Cooper sing this song! She was so happy. Baylor wanted to leave a treat for the bunny so he put out lettuce, carrots, and eggs at Mimi's house and our house. He knows that the bunny stops at her house too. The "bunny" was so happy to eat his veggies late at night. He sure does like late night healthy treats!

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