Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome April

B Man is an awesome big brother.
He's also a pretty good photographer.
Pretty handsome.
Loving on each other.

One more trip to see the bunny for the year. Baylor wore his cape the whole day and was Super Baylor! I love that he still wants to dress up and has such a great imagination.

April, Dear April
April, dear April, I beg you come soon
And bring your sweet primroses too.
Let them join in with the daffodils’ play,
As skies offer sunshine anew.

April, dear April, my blessed spring child,
Ornate in your yellow and white,
Teasing the birds into trilling their songs
And dancing to music of flight.

April, dear April, come enter my dreams
And rid me from cold winter chills.
Banish the rain and those blustery winds
And warm up our countryside hills.

April, dear April, I know you can’t stay -
You have to move on ‘till next year.
And though I shall cherish the glory of summer,
You’ll always be my month most dear.

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