Monday, April 5, 2010

Outside Fun

Parker was happy to be outside.
Pumpkin seeds in the flower bed, why not?
This tree is beautiful!
He's much better at driving this car.
Hopscotch fun.
He wants to get a bike with a "peg leg". I was cracking up when he kept saying this I didn't have the heart to correct him with kick stand, peg leg is way more fun.
Baylor is a great driver.
Watch out!
Such a great artist.
Snoozing away!
We were blessed with another gorgeous day. After picking Baylor up at school and eating lunch we headed outside to play. We stayed outside until nap time and burned off lots of energy. Parker sat in his stroller like a big boy for the first time. He was happy sitting in the shade and watching his big brothers play, ride, draw, dig, argue, etc. There is always lots going on with brothers! The boys got some new outdoor toys for Easter that were fun to play with. The Crayola chalk is so bright and Baylor made some awesome drawings. He was quite bummed when the thunderstorm started in the evening and washed away his masterpieces. The boys also had fun playing with the parachute ball. They drove around in their Mustang and Mini Cooper. Our Cooper still needs to go to driving school. He is great at crashing into things though! By the time nap time rolled around Parker was back asleep and Baylor and Cooper were worn out too!

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