Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is the Life

He's been playing "Jesus Loves Me".
What a nice "yokalaree", it is so cute when he calls it this.
Mimi and Baylor.

Coop is my pal.
Three handsome brothers.
Sleeping at the pool so nice!
Yeah for popsicles.
Future swimsuit model?
Cooper's favorite thing at the pool is to dump the toy basket over and over again.
He was singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" and floating around the pool.
Crazy hair boy!

Baylor is really quite funny these days. All day long he kept saying, "this is the life". He truly is a beach/pool boy and loves to be outside. This morning we all headed to the pool. Mimi and Parker sat in the shade and I played with the big boys. We had the whole pool to ourselves and really enjoyed using the entire pool. Parker fell asleep and enjoyed the shade. He took a great nap outside in the warm breeze. We ate lunch at the pool which is one of the boys favorite things. They love eating at the pool! Parker stayed for a little longer and then he went in for a break with Mimi. I stayed out with the boys until nap time and then we all took great naps. Mimi went out during nap time to the beach. The boys didn't want to go the beach today so we just enjoyed the pool. It really is easier with Parker. Tonight we went to The Hub in the village and sat outside. The live music is great for us and is noisy just like us! We are one busy table. Baylor could not wait to go back to the Beach Bazaar to get a "yokalaree". He has been playing it all night. He may take his show on the road soon! Daddy got home tonight and we are happy to have him home for one more night.

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d_freestone said...

Baylor is right, it IS the life!!! Love it!