Saturday, April 17, 2010

Piano Man

Baylor and the piano man.
Parker was such a good boy tonight.
Mom and Sandy at dinner.
After the roll.
He made it all the way, but that arm is still in the way.
What cute boys.
They love their new shoes.

They are really close in the back seat of Bertha. We have decided the outlet mall is too far for this trip.
Chunky Monkey!
Taking a popsicle break at the pool.
He loves to eat popsicles.
Look at that big hole.
He likes to dig.
We're hoping the hole is there tomorrow.

This morning Cooper, Baylor, and I went to the beach to play in the sand and go for a walk. We found a huge hole someone had left behind for us to play in. The boys made the hole into a house and worked on the walls. They had a great time and was happy to find a predug hole. After the beach we all went to the pool. Parker slept for a bit and hung out with us. It was cloudy this afternoon so he was fine at the pool. Mimi swam with the boys and they love to play with her! It started to sprinkle so we all came in for a long nap. We were all tired today. Tonight we went to St. Armands and ate at Crab and Fin. We all love the piano player. As soon as he sees us he plays "When I Fall in Love" and the "Phantom Medley". He has been there for a long time and is always so nice to us. We also saw Sandy and Rick at dinner and talked to them. Cooper loved watching all the dogs. Mimi bought the boys new pony shoes that are so cute. They were so excited. When we got home tonight Parker was playing on the floor and he rolled over! He has been so close but really made it tonight. Go Parker!

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