Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rainy Day Egg Hunt and Slide into Adventure

The bunny at the egg hunt.
One rainy day!

The slide was so much fun!
They had fun racing each other.
What a sweet baby.
Riding with Daddy.
What a big boy.
We love the carousel.
We spent a long time in the Egypt exhibit and Baylor loved making us drinks and treats.
Coop made me tea.
I went on the slide too.
We had a hard time deciding which egg hunt we wanted to attend on Saturday because of the predicted rain and colder temperatures. We thought if we went to one early in the morning we may be able to make it in time before the rain started. A lady at Taylor's bakery on Friday told us about a huge egg hunt at Victory Field. I thought Baylor would enjoy going to the baseball field since he is playing baseball and loving practice. The egg hunt started at 10 and we arrived downtown around 10:15 and it started to sprinkle. By the time we made it out of the parking garage and onto the sidewalk it was pouring. I ran back to the car with Parker and Daddy took Cooper and Baylor to the hunt. They were packing things up but gave the boys a whole basket full of eggs. They were also able to see the bunny and get a picture. The egg hunt looked fun and definitely one we are going to try next year in better weather. Since it was early and we were already downtown we headed to the Children's Museum. They have a special spring break adventure slide up right now that is decorated like Indiana Jones. It is so cute and the boys went about 15 times in a row without a line when we first got there. For a Saturday it was not very crowded and we had a great time. We went to some different places than our normal spots and all had fun together.

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